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The hotel design and architecture follows guidelines for the conservation and protection of the environment. Our structures are built using local artisan materials that both support the Costa Rican economy and safeguard its environment. We take advantage of natural light in all of our facilities; our rooms have screens that allow for cross ventilation. We believe in preventive maintenance; we use CFL light bulbs that conserve energy and our rooms are equipped with energy-saving key cards that automatically turn-off as soon as the guest leaves the room. Water saving is also a large priority; we encourage our guests to reuse towels and linens, our faucets and showers have flow reducers and aerators that conserve water, and our toilettes have dual flush retrofits.

Compost made from Waste
Water Conservation Local Fauna


We create our own compost using leaves, plants, and vegetables discards. Our cleaning products are biodegradable and non-toxic. Our recycle effort starts in every room and reaches all areas of the hotel. We separate glass from plastic, and make efforts to reduce our waste.