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Mission and Community


Nayara supports the community of La Fortuna de San Carlos in cultural, athletic, recreational and conservational activities. We volunteer and help financially “Hogarcito de Ninos,” a home for abused and orphaned children. We also actively promote and help protect National Parks and other Protected Areas that contribute to the reforestation effort.

Mission and Community


We employ the local community and offer free transportation as well as help transport their children to and from school as often as possible. We are an equal opportunity employer and give preferred treatment to local suppliers. We are committed to constantly educating our employees in the practices of sustainable tourism.

Mission and Community


To uphold the values of respect and business integrity; to maintain ethical treatment of our employees; to make every effort to exceed customer expectations; to participate in the community; and to protect the environment. This Mission applies to all the employees, areas, groups and entities under the direction or control of the Nayara hotel.

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Mission Commitment

To conduct our business with integrity; to be respectful of the values and principles of our employees and guests; to protect the environment and to create trust and good will in our community.